Transitioning You to a Modern Practice

Business Coaching that gives you the structure, the process and the support to expand your skills and experience to develop your practice to build efficiency and increase profitability. Engage CTC to simplify the complex.


Professional service firms have become the key focus for CTC as Michele has a number of years of personal experience in this area. Let CTC assist you to embrace the changes that are now necessary to lead a successful practice.


Business coaching is now part and parcel of business today. More and more business owners are engaging a coach to guide them through the busyness of today.  They are looking to improve their performance and leadership skills, get clear about their goals and develop strategies to achieve them, and to be held accountable.


If you’re feeling the pressure from the changing marketplace and you fear you might be left behind, choose strategically and implement training in your practice. There are various courses to choose from to meet your needs.


CTC will tailor two days of strategic planning for your business to focus on your goals and create your strategic plan to achieve success. Day One is for the leaders and owners of the business to develop the vision and mission statements. Day Two is about the team, identifying your values and learning strategies to improve communication.

Advancing Accounting Practices

Providing you with the support and training you need through CTC’s 4-element process – Smart Leadership; Structured Teams; Essential Systems and Client Development


The future is here, inaction is no longer an option.

The accounting industry is experiencing one of the most disruptive periods in decades. The technology digitization as well as the Financial Services Reform Act 2001, is dramatically changing the landscape for accountants. There is no room for “business as usual”. Every accountant will be affected.

Complexity, defines the single greatest challenge, and opportunity, facing accounting firms. Firms are rethinking their strategies for practice management, client services and talent development.

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